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Shifting Energy (watch you get better from my words) ::: While I just ?????

Peace and Love from Marcellous Lovelace (self portrait 2005)
Peace and Love from Marcellous Lovelace (self portrait 2005)

In this life we learn so many things and come to find we know nothing all over again. In all my greatest moments of Heroism (Heru / Horus / Jesus) I tend to forget about myself and the affects of shifting energy.

On my greatest and worst days I always find myself helping folk to a degree where I don’t get the same or equal energy. I can be so Heroic that I can bring groups of people together but at the same time tear my own situation apart. Guess thats the price you pay for being a “good person”.

I hope at the end of the day every one is happy and unified and continue to be happy and find other lights out of darkness …

sleep is due


How can you be real with nobody? When no one is there and nothing exist how can you be real with this?

Is this a figment of your imagination that you dare try to challenge as a part of reality?

Where is this reality? Is this dream actually there? So many blocks to stumble over! So many signs to read, so many sights to see. Where is what and what is real?

Back against the wall we walk away from nothing hoping to gain something, I guess! So we walk on to the next challenge called drama vision where we place our self in a place we can never want to be. And then all of sudden we accept this reality as reality! I guess this is like a slave mentality or something?

My past will bypass my circumstance and I will breath lighter knowing that I did all I love and wanted in my daily.