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Reason in My Art by Marcellous Lovelace The work of Marcellous Lovelace is based in escaping the worst situation possible. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago to a down to earth southern baptist family. My background in Art came from the heart and soul of Africans all over the world. My paintings are Images of what I study and continue to live through. Using basicly anything to draw and paint with my works are always about something building positivity and whats important, because the world we live is so negative and unimportant. Coming from a world of police brutality and racism stands a Man who is not afraid to be exactly who he is all the time regardless of who it affects. If it is Political or Reality i'm going to paint it just as it is. My imagination allows me the freedom to live in Actual Facts and not taint my self in materialism and a fabricated world of clothing with shiny tricklets. Im a Man who is brave, strong, thoughtful, intelligent and defined by my realistic character. I Stand aware seeing children kill for sport in the city I live in, designing thoughts on being about something besides the next fashion trend. Think and produce substance and meaning all the time regardless of who it offends, Katrina was not just a hurricane, Jena 6 is in Chicago. Keep building with scraps to feed your self what you need for substance. This is the mind of me Marcellous Lovelace, bringing my art forth to teach the open eye's. Taking your mind outside the cave, giving what Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Khallid Muhammmad, Stephen Biko, Patrice Lamamba and other great African leaders have given me in Sound Right Reason. Use your menatal and your Visual to compose honesty. Artist Statement

2010 self education is awareness by marcellous lovelace @infinito2017

2010 self education is awareness by marcellous lovelace

2010 self education is awareness by marcellous lovelace @infinito2017 @marcellouslovelace