where were u last night

2009 She is The Earth Momma
2009 She is The Earth Momma

do you really want to
do you have to
what is it really
are you really there
do you still care
i had a dream last night
and you were right there
you were in a bad situation
with a bad dude
he was drunk
and he locked you in the care
you screamed
and he was a drunk
but you were in love
you said he was better then me
and he was crazy
no like my crazy
but on some you just met him
and he said no
hell no and took over
like you wanted a real man to do
a real man who takes over
and runs the situation
in my dream you screamed
it was you
and i woke up
like ishhhhhh
this is crazy
no like me and you were
but like if any body harms
you i will harm them crazy
and i don’t have to
be in love with you

2 thoughts on “where were u last night”

  1. Sigh,,,, Feelings, thoughts, love, hate, fear, passion, stay, go, blah blah blah,,,life is confusion…..

    Love is uncontrol

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