At Gods House

tragic day in front of my grandma's house
tragic day in front of my grandma's house

Christianity compared to Islam turns out to only have a few basic connections in the two religions. Comedy drama is the best way to think of this world as I laugh and cry at religion, because at the end of the day you end up crying over all the lies that people’s imaginations has conjured up. While on one end of the maze you laugh because when you are happy with yourself and the fact that you breath on a daily basis you will thank any power that can save your life. Just today before I concluded this summary of ideas on Christianity and Islam I witnessed a near death defining moment for a woman and her two children. A car accident had taken place on a main street near my grandmother’s house and one car smashed into another on a warm summers day. One of the two cars carried a mother and two children and at that moment I wondered where is Religion in this situation, because the car was really destroyed and I ran out to the car and pulled a 8 month old baby from the car and I felt so hopeless as blood ran down the baby’s head onto my shirt. My mind stayed at peace because whatever the contrast is I can know that all those people were still living when they left that tragic scene. “Angels exist who are the servants, and sometimes messengers of God” because “Miracles occur on occasion.” (

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